Favorite Release of The Week – Alternative Punk Act Hollow Suns Full Album [Japan]

Holy SHIT – we’ve been waiting for this for months now…we’ve been following this brilliant Japanese band called Hollow Suns who feature members of Japan’s hardcore scene from 2015 – basically when Unite Asia first started! For those uninitiated, very much like how Walter went from Gorilla Biscuits into something super melodic and beautiful like The Rival Schools, Japanese band Hollow Suns allows their members to go from something hard-hitting as Otus or Shapeshifter or screamo like Sans Visage to something similar to Jimmy Eat World.

We’ve been writing about this phenomenal band since 2015!

The band has just released their first-ever “discography”-esque full-length entitled ‘Process of Losing’ which is a collection of previously released EP’s and singles. For their entire catalog to be neatly packaged onto one record is like a gift to the world…when you hit play you’ll know exactly what we mean. This band will take you on a journey of nostalgia with influences from Hot Water Music, Gameface, Jimmy Eat World, to the Foo Fighters…yes, the band’s music is just that BIG in sound, vibe, character, everything.

The full-length is being released on Ice Grill$ Records and you can grab it online at the following links: http://www.icegrillsnerds.com & https://icegrillsjp.limitedrun.com/

Congrats to the boys! Go fall in love with them below – don’t forget to check out a brand new music video as well.


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