Fastcore Act SxGxS Release Split With Melodic Punk Band Take Your Life [Japan]

Yokosuka fastcore act SxGxS and has released a split album with Kanazawa melodic punk band Take Your Life entitled Giving is Living. The full EP is streaming below.

SxGxS is a drum/vocal band based in Yokosuka, Japan that has been active since 2011. They’ve played throughout Japan with a variety of acts such as Master Peace, Systematic Death, Slang as well as bands such as Neutral, Shames, and Waterweed. The band has also supported overseas acts such as Adrenalized (Spain), eleventwelfth (Indonesia) and …Whatever That Means (Korea).

Take Your Life are from Kanazawa and are deeply inspired by bands such as No Use For A Name and Belvedere. Since their inception in 2015, they have toured around Japan with many melodic punk acts such as Shames (Japan), STRIKE AGAIN (Japan), Too Close To See (Japan), waterweed (Japan), Adrenalized (Spain), F.O.D (Belgium) and Friends With The Enemy (Austria).

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