EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Parallel Horizons launch new single featuring HK metal legend Tomy Evocation

Parallel Horizons

Hong Kong metalcore band Parallel Horizons are back with a new single entitled Nefarious Agenda. To be blunt – it’s a heavy technical slab of metal that will require you to bust out that calculator and start checking the time measure of its millions of parts. I can’t even imagine how the band is going to play this track LIVE! They’re going to need to be sitting on chairs! hahahahaha…

If that’s not enough intensity, they even enlist the help of none other then the lead vocalist, Tomy, of Hong Kong’s most widely respected and supported metal act – Evocation. Tomy makes his appearance during this song’s chorus and it’s such a breathtaking feature…

When I asked Tomy why he wanted to join in on this track he answered:


“When their vocalist Naseem contacted me via Facebook I felt incredibly lucky to be invited. Since the day they launched this band online I’ve always been keeping tabs on the millions of things these guys are up to. From putting out their own record, shooting music videos this is Hong Kong metal’s most active metal band. So without any hesitation I replied yes right away!”

When prodded further, Naseem provided this background to this particular track:

Parallel Horizons

“The lyrics were actually inspired by a game series called Dark Souls, the quote at the beginning was taken from Dark Souls

Like a moth drawn to a flame,
Your wings will burn in anguish time after time.
For that is your fate,
the fate of the cursed.

So the main idea of the song is about doing the same thing over and over again, even though you know that in the end it will always end the same way. And this cycle cannot be broken, the only thing you can do is accept your fate. Yes, we game in our spare time, perks of being students. It really helps when we’re out of ideas, they provide a lot of inspiration for us.

We featured Tomy in the chorus because we’re huge fans of Evocation, and his voice is just plain brutal!! The song will be on our upcoming full length album set to be released in the first half of 2016. So far we have around a dozen songs, some completed and some still in progress. There’s a lot of variety in style between the songs, as always we don’t stick to one particular style, so expect stuff ranging from tech death to emo screamo and even some Japanese anime inspired riffs in the middle.”

So without further ado…press play and sit back to repeat the track a hundred times because I am guaranteeing you will need to hear it again and again…

More info on the band: https://www.facebook.com/ParallelHorizonsHK/?fref=ts

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