EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Malaysian pop punk band Social Circuit music video/interview

social circuit

Man…as soon as we pressed play on this beautiful music video by Malaysian newcomer (by way of Malaysian mainstay act Kids On The Move) Social Circuit, we knew we were about to unleash onto the world something that was going to grab people’s soul. We’ve known vocalist Dean for many many years both on this site and in our own respective bands and he has always been a stand up guy. It only makes sense that a dude with such a good heart would slowly start venturing into more emotionally charged music – as it turns out in the interview conducted below, this was something he has always been involved in even before Kids On The Move rocketed him to the top of the Malaysian hardcore scene.

Check out the video…the full stream and the interview below…go support the band!



After you watch the video of course you want to hear more…and luckily this song is featured on a brand new cassette release that Social Circuit is putting out on Dean’s own record label. Check out the full stream here:

To order your copy of the cassette (comes with a digital download code):
EMAIL: [email protected] or [email protected]

social circuit

INTERVIEW: Social Circuit
FROM: Malaysia

So Dean – tell us what was the inspiration to start this band? A very different sound from what you’re more known for in Kids On The Move.
For myself, It’s very natural to have gone towards this since before I played for Kids On The Move, I played for a 4 piece emo punk/post hc band called The Dearly Missed. The band couldn’t really take off because the members wasn’t able to commit. So, in some way Social Circuit is the continuation of that band, at least for my part. The rest of the members in Social Circuit are from Median Coast, and they have always wanted to do a project like this, since they have a lot of time (with Median Coast on a hiatus), we we decided to band together and form Social Circuit.

Awesome! So would you consider this a side-project or is this more serious?
I think we all thought that it would be a side-project at first, but it is clearly heading towards being more serious each day. So far I’ve written enough songs for an EP and I have plans for a tour in mind. In all seriousness we are just having fun with doing this band, that we don’t want any pressure to sink in yet.

Have you been surprised by the great reception this band has received so far? I mean clearly the Kids On The Move tag garners a lot of interest, but the music definitely speaks for itself.
We were so surprised it got any kind of attention at all. I did the track we got on facebook on my mac, all digital, just so that people can figure out how we sound like. Since then, it has been very positive. We got shows, invitations, and more people taking interest in our music. I don’t deny if KOTM did play a part in getting people to check us out, i am just glad they stuck around because they think we are worth the listen. It just made me even more excited to release the demo.

social circuit

So tell us about the upcoming cassette release! It’s so exciting with all the great attention this band deservedly has received that you guys are so quick to be able to put out a cassette release. That’s awesome!
The demo will have 3 songs and will be released in cassette format with a free digital download ticket inside every sleeve. The cassette will be distributed and pressed by Alt Records (which is me) with a limited copy of 200 tapes. Recording was done at Kamar Seni and mastered by Huzai. We have a few shows to promote the songs, but no tour as of yet, we don’t intend to have one so far.

Everyone in the band has been working so hard to get everything moving so fast, I owe it to everyone in the band and our close friends, if it’s not for them it would probably stay as a single, stuck in youtube for years.

social circuit

Yeah I think it’s really cool that your band currently seems super fired up and active. Once the cassette is out what’s next on the horizon for SC?
Once the cassette is out, we will start working on the EP right away. Songs from the demo will be on the EP as well, with better production as the key difference. Hopefully we can get the EP out on vinyl. Depending on how far the demo can take us, I already have a Southeast Asian tour in mind, just waiting for the right time/chance.

social circuit

And with your new label that’s putting it out – will it be a label just for this band or do you think once this cassette is out you’ll be interested in bringing more bands on board?
So far, I have been content with promoting shows and releasing stuff that I’ve worked on, at the same time I’ve always offered to help anyone that wants to release a record. Under the Alt Records banner, I’ve done KOTM’s Directions as well, and I got to hit my goal with that project.

It does cross my mind to take this further, but I need two things:

First: a band that’s serious,
Second: time. My ultimate goal is to open a small distro/shop and get local bands to release more stuff.

Alright man! That’s a lot of information! Good luck with the band!
Thanks a lot for the chance to do this!


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