EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Hong Kong emotional hardcore band Planck debut new song


Photography: Nathan Tsui

It is with great pleasure that we get to bring you an exclusive premiere of a brand new emotionally charged track by Hong Kong emotional hardcore band Planck. The band has been heavily active in Hong Kong frequently playing shows taking their brand of hardcore throughout the city. The band recently played a show organized by us and dropped a Comeback Kid (Wake The Dead) cover in their set. We like to think it was that experience that inspired them to add a little more grit and anger into this particular new track down below! Hahaha…

We caught up with vocalist KW So to give us a little bit more of a background on the band:

Hey buddy – so give us a short background on the band Planck.
Planck was formed about two years ago. Our current lineup is a four-piece. Our music focuses on implementing melodic/emotional hardcore with spoken word elements, allowing us to voice out our thoughts about different matters of life. The band name “Planck” was chosen because Planck in physics can relate to different physical aspects and we hope our music can touch different people and relate to them.

And what are the bands that have influenced your sound?
Musically we are influenced by bands like Envy, Defeater, Being As An Ocean, Hotel Books, etc. Though we are trying to build our unique sound.


How has the reception been to your type of music in Hong Kong? Currently it’s pretty obvious that post-rock is quite a popular style of music in Hong Kong so that could work to your advantage. But you guys certainly have a bit more of a hardcore influence so I don’t know if that helps you guys here or not! Hahahaha…
Haha…Yes, it seems like our music is somewhere in-between post rock and hardcore. Audiences can relate to Planck in any way that he/she likes – a fan of post rock or hardcore can find something in our music and that’s what we want to do – allowing our audience to relate themselves to our music and at the same time we might give them something unexpected in return.

So on this particular song, there is a more obvious hardcore element especially in the vocals. What were you guys hoping to accomplish when crafting this new song?
After we released our first demo Persist, actually we had a couple of songs to choose from for our next release. We chose Hindrance because we want to show our musicality in a new demo. That is exactly what we’re doing anyway – exploring the possibilities to build a better Planck.

Yeah – it’s clear you guys are still figuring out your sound and creating some great tracks along the way. So what’s next for you guys?
We are writing some new tracks right now and will go into the studio again for sure. We definitely wish to gain more on-stage exposure and experience as well!



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