While Enjoying The Overseas Acts – Don’t Forget To Go Off For Your Local Opening Acts

Yes, we’ve been enjoying throwing up all those Power Trip fullset videos coming through. Not only because the band rules, but also because the audience in both videos go absolutely MENTAL.

We just came across this excellently shot live video by Catnip Studios for one of the openers of the Manila leg – legendary hardcore punk band Choke Cocoi. You can see the audience is super into the band and super respectful – because many Southeast Asian scenes fully love, adore, support, and encourage their local bands. Without a strong local scene an overseas band coming through experiences nothing but the typical touristy shit – cool buildings, cool food, blah fucking blah…

We just played in Kuala Lumpur with Dagger and the KL audience lost their MINDS for all the opening acts…it was so heartwarming to stand back and witness. Screaming lyrics, moshing, two-stepping, side to side for opening acts like they the biggest bands on the planet. That’s how every scene should treat their local bands…

We highly encourage you to always enjoy and welcome overseas bands wholeheartedly…but don’t stand in the back or outside the venue for your local bands. Fuck off with that attitude. Come to the front – dive off the stage – move the crowd – grab the mic – learn the songs…your local bands are probably nervous AF already because they’re opening for some massive overseas band that they’ve always looked up to, so when they look into an audience and everyone is standing in the back far away as if the band has the Cornoa virus, and the dance floor is fucking empty – it just sucks. Then the band on stage is even more aware of the mistakes they’re making and are bummed when they don’t play “perfectly”. Fuck perfection.


Choke Cocoi rules.

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