Emotive Punk Act LINDENWOOD Release First Single in 4 Years [Philippines]

With a band like LINDENWOOD it’s often where we realize our immense shortcomings as a website. As a website, it’s heartbreaking that we don’t have access to a vast amount of wealth and power to make bands like LINDENWOOD gigantic all over the world. While the world is in love with “hardcore adjacent” bands like Drug Church, Militarie Gun, Fiddlehead, Anxious (rightfully so because those bands all rule), it would be idiotic not to realize how much attention your band automatically receives by simply being from a particular country on this planet. If we had the finances to fix that awkward balance a little bit, we would immediately spend it all. Especially for bands like Lindenwood.

Philippines-based emotive punk band Lindenwood are FINALLY back with a new a single, the first new music out since 2019. Vocalist Jason stated, “I wrote this song around the second half of 2022. I remember I was in a meeting when I wrote that (hence the title) and I was surprised because it was done in like 15 minutes.

It’s about life during the lockdowns. I moved out in 2020 and it was one of the hardest things I’ve done. Everything was new. Living with a partner in a studio unit, not being with your family for the first time, a new job, and then there was covid and the constant fear that you might die at any moment. That’s probably the reason why I was able to write it so quickly. Because everything was already so bottled up and I just wanted to say something about it .”

Guitarist Tani added, “The last time we released something was in 2019. And when live shows were allowed again in 2022, I felt the need to write at least one new song right away just to get things going again. It’s also our first song featuring the current iteration of Lindenwood. Dennis moved to guitars from bass and added his younger brother Jan Henry on bass. It’s our first time as a 5-piece!”


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