Dutch hardcore band All for Nothing release music video full of footage from China

We here at UniteAsia.org cannot be happier when bands from outside of Asia roll through cities and countries in our part of this beautiful world and fall in love with it so much that they include footage – video, audio, photos, etc – in their music videos or promotional materials…

Dutch hardcore band All for Nothing trekked across China last year capturing awesome footage of their time there and compiled it all into a music video for the song 5 Leaf Clover which you can watch below…

Big thanks to ANY band that comes through our continent and goes home raving about their time here…yes, in some parts of Asia touring maybe a little more gruelling, we know firsthand…but this is what makes Asia so rad because there are literally parts of Asia that have never seen or experienced hardcore before…right NOW is where roots are being planted all over the place…you make your mark now and will be remembered for doing so.

Now just click play:

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