Dua Lipa Gets the Blackened Hardcore Treatment – Avhath Release Brilliant Live Covers

How clickbaity was that headline? Thank you very much. But it’s true…Indonesian blackened hardcore band Avhath have just dropped this phenomenal live video of them ripping through not just ONE, but THREE Dua Lipa cover songs. The tracks include Cool, Levitating and Don’t Start Now. You seriously won’t believe how good these songs sound and how great this video looks.

Avhath KILLED it.

Here’s the full write-up from the band:

“After more than a year since the release of FELO DE SE / HALLOWED GROUND, Avhath is back with three new cover songs from their favorite pop star Dua Lipa, packaged in the form of a video live session.

Influenced from the bootleg culture that is commonly distinguished by repurposing the typical pop aesthetic with a more distinctive subculture-inspired-visual approach; the implementation of metal visuals into a particular pop-culture graphics. This method is then applied to the core musical structure of the cover songs— by introducing Avhath’s distinguished identity to the well-known verse of Dua Lipa’s arrangements.

There is no particular reason why these particular songs: Cool, Levitating, and Don’t Start Now were chosen; they are merely Avhath’s personal favorites— in addition to that, the band also saw opportunities that the songs possess to then be repurposed and merged with Avhath’s musical identity.

Collaborating with producer Alyuadi Febryansyah that produced the AMI award-winning FELODE SE for best metal production in 2021, this opportunity has turned into an experimental approach; the attempt to intertwine the two opposite poles of pop and metal culture through bootleg modus operandi.”


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