Don’t Even Know How Exciting This Is! Hardcore Punk Band Slant Release Pre-Orders [Korea]

We’ve written about this on our IG but of course this needs to go up on our main website.

Slant is one of those bands that happened to land on our socials one day and ever since that day, we love EVERYTHING about this band. The band is a raw as fuck hardcore PUNK band from Korea that keeps the music straight ahead with no frills.

It was this demo that we heard first that literally got us to stop dead in our tracks and listen to the entire thing.

After picking up our jaw off the ground we quickly messaged a bunch of people we know in the South Korean hardcore punk scene to find out more about who they were and what bands they played in. Quickly word got back to us that Slant features members of a bunch of different underground bands such as grindcore band Little Puppy Princess, and others.

In particular, we remember VERY clearly the day we saw this fullset live video and it was all over. We were fans for LIFE.

Next thing you know, the band drops this MASSIVE debut EP ‘Vain’…

And since then we’ve been waiting for any info about a debut full-length.


Here it is…

Slant’s debut album is now here out on Iron Lung Records and contains 10 tracks. Unfortunately, right now they only have album opener streaming. BUT ALL pre-order info is up on the bandcamp page – pre-orders for three different color variants of the vinyl:

And this frickin’ killer t-shirt:

The label themselves had this to say about the release:

“SLANT are back with 17 minutes of pure bristling rage. Corrosive hardcore music for the pit AND the pendulum recalling the stomping catchy vibes of recent luminaries like BOSTON STRANGLER or VIOLENT REACTION but channeling back to previous 80s hitters in the YOUTH OF TODAY/MINOR THREAT vein too. All with an absolutely visceral feminine, ahem… slant to it. Ha, I couldn’t resist that one. This band is a shining light in the South Korean scene and is anxious to get out in the world once the world happens again. We can’t wait for you to see that.”

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