[DEMO ALERT] Emotional Hardcore Act Noy Return With 2 New Tracks [Japan]

Bands like Naiad, Endzweck, Envy all hold a very special place in our hearts…for some people when they think of “Japanese hardcore” they think of bands like Gauze and GISM. For some it may be heavy hitters like Kruelty, Loyal to the Grave, Numb, Blindside, Numbernine, etc. But for some of us it’s the more “emotional” heart-wrenching hardcore punk of bands like the aforementioned Endzweck, Envy, etc.

noy is an emotional hardcore band that sits beautifully amongst the more punk-sounding, more emotional-sounding side of Japanese hardcore. The band released its debut full-length ‘Hard Choice Brings Us the Pain’ back in 2018 and are now following it up with 2 new demo tracks.


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