Deceased Guitarist of Metal Band Dead Exaltation Releases Posthumous Solo Album [India]

After the tragic passing of Dead Exaltation‘s guitarist Mradul Singhal last month, a posthumous solo album that he had been working on will be released in its entirety on May 13 in a way to remember his life and passions. Enjoy a track from the album streaming below.

His girlfriend Swagata said, “He said that while recording it, he was in a trance…which was kind of external and the harmonies also came to him, which even if he tried to reproduce later he would not be able to make it. He wanted to experiment with other styles, he was also listening to a lot of jazz and wanted to get into it. He had also been listening to Chords of Orion a lot and got some inspiration there.”

He had enlisted a Brazilian bassist named Samuel Chacon who said, “I always loved the approach he used to write the songs, in a very open and shared way. I called him on skype and we listened to the tracks, as he explained to me some stuff and I played some ideas back. He gave me the freedom to express myself in composition: creating, soloing, by doing anything that seemed appropriate to the songs and the album! It was a blast! The best album I’ve worked on in my entire life! I’m really glad to be a part of this project! And I really feel like an insider. Now with everything that happened, I thought I could help more to release the project in Mradul’s, so I mixed and mastered the songs as well. I hope it was good enough to represent him! And I hope everyone that knew him, listen to it and recognize him through his songs! And that he can live through them.”

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