A Curious Voynich Release Single [Indonesia]

“Rising from the ashes of the previous band’s personnel, A Curious Voynich was originally an alter-ego project of two individuals who have worked through different entities assisted by two other collaborators from Indonesia. A Curious Voynich was born as an interpretation of an ancient manuscript discovered by Wilfrid M Voynich in 1912. A Curious Voynich (ACV) tried to reinterpret the spirit of the Voynich manuscript image shrouded in mystery and invited controversy about the possibility of hoax or engineering by making this project a new entity that is also full of anonymity at the beginning of its appearance, so they hope that listeners of music can focus more on the music they play.

Aggressive, melancholy, and emotional are the right images to define the music they play with a mix of personal lyrics containing questions and statements about human thought. ACV has released one mini album in a tape format entitled The Encryption Of Secret Messages in 2013 and then through Hujan! Rekords and one maxi-single cdr circulated with the barter system. After doing one show as the opening band in the Kids On The Move (Malaysia) tour event in Bogor (Indonesia), then ACV decided to hiatus until an indefinite time.

Six years ago, ACV is now re-awake from its resting by bringing different concepts of music and collaborators. Consisting of Gustmar Helmy (ex Hate To Think, ex Gravebehold), Dito Buditrianto (ex Cause, ex The Glans, Efek Rumah Kaca Guitarist Session), Indra Julianto (Last Pain, Heaven In), Rifal (Rasvala), and Omadith (Life Cicla), ACV then completed two new material released in a unit entitled Orbis Alius: Season One. A prefix of the twology part they will build.

Orbis Alius: Season One integrates musical influences such as post-hardcore, splinter guitar patterns that are textured with indie rock, alternative metal aggressiveness, hardcore / punk ethos and spirit, and lyrics about melancholia, human personal life, and questions about myths and fantasies influenced by JRR Tolkien’s The Silmarillion book and two world-themed films such as the Stranger Things and Silent Hill.”

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