Crust Punk Band Tapioca Release Debut Album Tackling State of Chinese Canadian Immigrants

Tapioca is a crust punk band from Victoria, BC, Canada formed in 2018.

“The band was formed by XYJ, who, growing up, really loved and appreciated Victoria’s local crust punk/grindcore scene and wanted to contribute to this community, but also wanted to create something they haven’t seen before— a Chinese voice in a predominantly white music scene. We all met through Victoria’s small but tight-knit punk community, MKJ and XYJ met during high school and we met TD a bit later on,” state the band members. In terms of influences, “We take a bit of influence from lots of different genres and movements, so our sound is a bit hard to pin down. Antischism, dystopia, Amebix, Antisect, iskra, sacrilege, and the legendary 狗日的 among many others all inform our sound, but we aren’t necessarily trying to emulate any of these bands.”

The band was also kind enough to send us some further information about the full length itself.

“Plight took us roughly two years to write and record. It centers on the word plight as a central theme and explores the concept through different lenses. The personal, the political, the plight of Chinese Canadian immigrants, the plight of queer existence, the plight of the working class, the plight of living during the ecological collapse, the plight of struggling against your own mental health, the plight of trying your best and making a difference in your community against mounting pessimism.

While there isn’t necessarily a central message to the album itself, the album aspires to serve as an olive branch extended to its listeners, to empathize with each other and unite us in our struggles against these socio-cultural-political forces, and in our plight.”

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