Cool Full Set Live Video For Nepalese Punk Band The Doltish Out Now

Our bud Frequency Bandit drops another gem…he was out in Nepal when Nepalese punk band The Doltish celebrated their ten year anniversary and he was able to capture the fullset. The Doltish are currently on tour in Indonesia – go support them!

“So here it is the 10th anniversary show of The Doltish. These guys live the punk life and are some of the nicest guys around and they are one of the oldest punk bands in Kathmandu. They throw down some heavy punk tunes but can turn it around on a dime and play some ska punk if needs be. Honestly if you are keen to see the underground scene then meeting The Doltish should be your first stop.

Also the video starts with a show they played after the 10th year show where the police were trying to get some bribes, or at least thats what it looked like, and most of the crowd cleared out but it didnt stop the doltish from jamming out for a bit. It really felt like a punk show and a bit of a middle finger to the man…man.”

The Doltish:

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