CHECK OUT: Singaporean band of elders LC93 get ready to release new music


As far as reinforcing what this website is all about, there is no better way to reiterate our mission then by introducing you to the idea behind the Singaporean hardcore band LC93.

As you can tell from the band photo, these guys ain’t no spring chickens (no offence guys! hahaha). The band’s members boast a certain icon of the Singaporean hardcore scene – 51 year old Suhaimi who was a member of Singaporean hardcore band Stompin’ Ground that was formed back in 1988. (I know that stating someone’s age doesn’t and shouldn’t matter – but dude, if at 51 years old I’m still involved in hardcore I’m going to want YOU to print it in every article about me! Hahahaha…) The rest of the members have all, just like Suhaimi, paid more then their fair share of their dues to the local scene. A complete list of the members and their previous efforts in shaping today’s Singaporean hardcore scene can be found further below.

The idea behind LC93 is something of an inspiring story to me.

Back in 1993 Singapore’s hardcore scene came together to produce and release Singapore’s first ever hardcore compilation appropriately entitled “Lion City Hardcore Together At Last“. The effort was even billed as the first compilation of its kind in all of Southeast Asia. The release was a major player amongst the Southeast Asian scene managing to take the music/bands found on this record well beyond its intended borders. The release is also stated as one of the most influential youthcrew/hardcore releases of the time helping to establish a more Asian identity to hardcore.


Photo taken in 1993

So what’s the deal behind LC93? LC93 include members from that era of the Singaporean hardcore scene who decided it would be great to get back together in some incarnation TODAY to relive that magic. Why do this? Besides the fact that every punk rock/hardcore kid knows that paying respect to our forefathers is one of the cornerstones of this movement, the members of LC93 wanted to help the current crop of hardcore kids get a feel for the songs from the originators who, for lack of better words, set all this shit off in the first place. It’s a heavily passionate and inspired group of friends who are stoked to have been the main catalyst for one of Asia’s most amazing hardcore scenes. Today’s insanely talented Singaporean hardcore bands such as: Straight Forward, Losing End, Overthrown, Weight of the World A.D., Out for Blood, Fuel, Abolition A.D., B.C., Radigals, and so many more will blow you away, and no doubt all tip their hats to those who paved the way.

With that said, what LC93 have just completed is the recording of their first record that will be a collection of 10 songs from that era. The release will see the light of day sometime early 2016 and will certainly be greatly looked forward to by Asian hardcore kids. What I love is that the members have already told me the future for this entity includes covering OTHER Singaporean acts that came after the compilation as well – so it’s not just a celebration of the bands on that particular release, but the Singaporean hardcore scene as a whole. I threw the idea at them that if they were to do a follow up release that was 10 cover songs of bands from contemporary Singaporean hardcore bands – that would be SICK.


Photo taken in 2015

Anyway…this was a massive introduction to LC93 because as I mentioned above, I find the whole idea behind this band nothing short of inspirational. We all play in bands or HAVE played in bands that throw in cover songs once in awhile into our sets. How many of those cover songs are from bands in this region? Let’s be a little more direct – how many of those songs are from American bands? Ain’t a damn thing wrong with that – but at some point our hope, goal and dream is for bands from our communities being stoked on other bands from our areas. So for LC93 to focus on bands strictly Singaporean is RAD.

Can’t WAIT to hear the finished product.

UPDATE: Here’s an unmixed teaser of what’s to come!

More info on LC93:

LC93’s Lineup:
Izar – Voiceout / Recover / Spiritual anger
Beb – Voiceout
Haermee – Voiceout/Stompin Ground/ Union Of Equals/BE/ Spiritual Anger
Ady Boy – Voiceout/ Union Of Equals / Spiritual Anger
Suhaimi – Stompin’ Ground/ Foursides/ Union Of Equals

Check out some of these bands from Singapore’s early days:

Stompin’ Ground

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