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Mindanao Hardcore Fest

Most of the hardcore world may still be talking about the massive This is Hardcore Fest that took place in the USA this past weekend…and rightfully so because bands like Bane who will be breaking up next year (a HUGE favorite out here in Asia because of the amount of times that they’ve come through building lifelong relationships and friendships) performed for the very last time at TIHC…guitarist Zach threw up this short video which is quite a testimony to an emotional night:

But it’s important to remember that “hardcore fests” take place out here in Asia as well. Most of these fests go on with much less fanfare then the ones in the US or Europe. The ones out here for the most part don’t have big name “US” acts and mainly feature, as a way to nurture, local/regional bands. Sure, if a US band could be added to a bill, suddenly interest in that particular fest will go through the roof which means a bigger turnout and much less chance of making a loss financially. But it just doesn’t work that way for most fests out here.

So what it actually becomes, and is SO MUCH better because of that, is an event that showcases the best of the best of LOCAL talent. Who the fuck is NOT going to support that? At the end of the day, it should be about YOUR scene and it should be your scene that is the SOLE reason that you pull all your resources together to create and organize a “festival” or an event. Yes, these fests allow bands to play to a much bigger audience, but they also allow regional bands a chance to communicate and interact, and through this communication they provide strength to each other to keep pushing forward.

A great way to showcase this whole idea of self-belief, self-help, self-support is the annual Mindanao Hardcore Fest that takes place in the Southern most region of the beautiful Philippines. Here is an island that has at least 7 highly active hardcore scenes that have popped up around the area. Throughout the year each of these scenes are busy putting on shows building their individual communities…but once a year, they come together in a MASSIVE show of unity under the banner of MINDANAO HARDCORE FEST. The seven cities include: Davao City (City of Thorns Hardcore), General Santos City (Southcore), Polomolok, South Cotabato (P-Town Hardcore), Malaybalay City, Bukidnon (MCHC), Butuan City (Butuan Skate Crew), Cagayan de Oro City (Rising City Hardcore), and Iligan City (Fortress of Defense). As with any hardcore event, doors are not just open to those in the know – ANYONE is welcome. This fest has attendees that come in from outside the Mindanao region including people from Visayas, Luzon and even from outside of the country!

This HUGE introduction is simply because when I saw that flyer above – I was even more excited then seeing the flyer for This is Hardcore…here is an Asian scene that is organizing a massive hardcore festival in their scene chalk full of their OWN stellar bands. In the past this scene has put on their festivals without much exposure from outside their borders, but because of this little website – I am so proud and honored to be doing my part and help spread the word.

So here’s all the info – stay on their Facebook event page to find out more:

Rising City Hardcore presents


DATE: August 29, 2015 (Saturday)
VENUE: MANJOS MUSIC BAR AND CAFE Capistrano Hayes St. (In front of Old City Hall)
TICKETS: 50pesos
TIME: 3pm

This year’s event includes bands from Cebu, Bacolod, Davao, Gensan, Cotabato, Malaybalay, Butuan, Iligan and Cagayan de Oro

Thought (Cebu)
Battle The Hardship (BTH) (Cebu)
Oppressor Bacolod BCHC (Bacolod)
Clobeerin Time (Davao)
Sacrifix S.C.C (Gensan)
Strength (Polomolok)
Amyo (Polomolok)
Honorable Dickheads (Gensan)
Pushed Aside (Malaybalay)
Arm Us Ready (Malaybalay)
Leaflet Bomb (Malaybalay)
Anamorphic (Panabo)
Good Old Days (Butuan)
CROSSFIRE (F.O.D) (Iligan)
Abandoned Life F.O.D Hardcore (Iligan)
OUTNUMBERED ( F.O.D Hardcore ) (Iligan)
Furtherance (Iligan)
Area51 (Iligan)
The Superflirts (CDO)
Dienasty PH (CDO)
Youngblood PH (CDO)
Teachers Stand Together (CDO)
Sabotage (CDO)
Euphoria (CDO)
Special Unit Stoner Squad (CDO)
Uniteless (CDO)
Saving Sasha Grey (CDO)


Check out music from some of these passionate Filipino hardcore bands:

Thought | Pushed Aside


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