CHECK OUT: Japanese hardcore band Absolution that features members of FC Five


Way back in 2002 my band King Ly Chee were invited to open for a band called FC Five from Japan when they came to play a show here in Hong Kong. Back then we already knew that this band was destined for greatness because when they got on stage, there was a different power in their music but mostly, in their performance. It was an emotional display of hardcore…I will always remember Tomy their vocalist – not because he was some tough guy on stage, growling and sneering at the audience…I will remember him because he smiled on stage the WHOLE performance. There was a deep beauty in that – a singer of a hardcore band who loves hardcore and the idea that a band that plays loud, screamy music can travel around the world and get on stage and play in front of an audience. Think about just how rad that is…and you will understand why Tomy is that type of vocalist.


So – today I finally got in touch with Tomy and found out that he does have a new band called Absolution out in Japan and I’m stoked to hear his new stuff! He has demos up now on their band camp and will have a brand new record out next year.

Get in touch with these dudes on their Facebook or website:

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