CHECK OUT: Female fronted Korean hardcore punk that RULES – Dead Gakkahs

Dead Gakkahs

Dead Gakkahs is a fastcore band from South Korea which features two female vocalists: Jeonn Juhl (guitar/vocals), Hur2U (bass/vocals) and is completed with drummer Mizno. Recently the band released a split record with The Kitsches that we posted about on the website a few weeks ago.

The Kitsches

Today Dead Gakkahs has submitted a music video for one of the songs off the split called Paradox Over Paradox. The music video starts off with what seems like a LIVE recorded track but abruptly launches into the actual recorded track which is an explosion of 80’s style hardcore punk rock fury. I mean seriously, the opening riff could easily have been a Black Flag, Minor Threat or Circle Jerks song! This song really is THAT good…the fact that all that ferocity gets captured in a song that only lasts 1.41 seconds is pretty fucking incredible – be mesmerized by the power and passion found in the vocals. Another great thing that you hear in this song is how aggressive and crazy their LIVE show probably is – as any hardcore/punk band knows, being able to capture the intensity of a live show onto a recording is virtually impossible. But the Dead Gakkahs have done that well here.

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