CHECK OUT: Amazing punk rock band Sucker from Xi An, China

While on tour in China this past week we had the immense honor of playing with one of the best punk rock bands we have ever shared a stage with. The band is called Sucker from Xi’ an, China and they KILL it live…a good mix of Rancid-style punk rock with killer bass lines, awesome triple-stacked vocals (any of the vocalists could easily be a lead singer of their very own punk rock band each with their own unique vocal flavor) with harmonies that hark back to the sounds of The Ramones, and a drummer that is explosively tight…seriously – he’s so good…

The band has been around for 10 years and I am SO embarrassed that I had never heard of them until they took the stage opening for us that night in Xi an and proceeded to melt our faces off…

Check ’em out in the video below and you can get more info from their Douban page:

Here’s a link to a KICK ASS new song that they played the night we were there:

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