Check Out Live Show By Instrumental Neoclassical Metal Band Asymilation [Saudi Arabia]

Formed in 2018, members of Saudi Arabian Grindcore band Creative Waste started an instrumental neoclassical metal band called Asymilation as a way around restrictions that would enable them to perform metal at most public events, something that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. The band started performing at gaming industry events alongside Manami Matsumae the composer of Megaman at Gamerscon 2018 in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, as well as sharing the stage with well-known actors including Steven Ogg (The Walking Dead and voice of Trevor in GTA V) and Quinton Flynn (voice of Raiden in Metal Gear 2) at Gamerscon 2019 in Dhahran Saudi Arabia.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, public events in Saudi Arabia were stopped until recently. The band’s first post-pandemic performance is at this week’s Aseer Gaming Show in Abha Saudi Arabia.

The band has now produced enough material to be showcased in their upcoming record.

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