CHECK OUT: Killer thrash metal from Bangladesh by way of the band Thrash


We’ll let their own explanation get you stoked on the band:

Thrash is a thrash metal band hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh. We mean no offence to India, but this song is a shout out against India’s policies towards our country, their economic and geographic take over of our borders and against their mainstream media that is shoved down the throats of our youth. This is also against those bastard Bangladeshis who have adopted the Indian culture and language(s) in their lives.

This is a serious issue that must be dealt with immediately. Bangladeshis, both in home and abroad need to be concerned about it.”

Play the song and read through the lyrics as you get schooled on the issues facing Bangladeshis.


waging war on all fronts;
horror rests in the end;
a river of blood flows through border;
dissecting these two lands;

liquidating our free will;
Mutilating flesh and mind;
Force feeding bastard culture
and injecting our core with crime.

creating racial extermination
to put a stop to our nation

lechery, possessed by the beast within you;
Gluttony, when you waste our land;
Greed, is why you kept us allies;
Sloth, is how you act;
Acedia, for the people you feed upon;
Wrath, is what you show to the weak;
Envy, the reason you hate us;
Pride, is as fake as you heed;

Fuck your fake innosense;
Fuck your vile beliefs;
Take your acridness with you
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