Check Out This Cool Doc About Pinoy Punks in the US

In 2014, Rupert Estanislao (Filipino American punk singer of AninoKo, formerly of Eskapo and co-founder of Filipino punk label Aklasan Records) shot footage of the first Aklasan Fest at Submission Gallery in San Francisco July 2014. Rupert compiled footage of Signal 3‘s 1998 San Francisco Pinoisepop appearance and the road trip that went with it as well as footage from bands and band members from the first Aklasan fest in 2014. This version of the documentary was screened in Manila, Philippines in 2016. Since then, more footage has been shot and 6 Aklasan Fests have come to pass. A longer, more comprehensive, and inclusive version is in the works.

Bands featured:
Signal 3 (Los Angeles, CA.)
Moxiebeat (Riverside, CA.)
Digma (San Francisco Bay Area, CA.)
AninoKo (San Francisco Bay Area, CA.)
Sharkfin (San Francisco Bay Area, CA.)
VWLS (San Jose, CA.)

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