Cebu City Hardcore Act Mea Culpa Re-Release Stomper ‘Rebuild’ – End Mosh Part is SICK.

Originally formed in Cebu City back in 2000, hardcore band Mea Culpa has recently re-recorded and re-released a track that they debut they year they were formed ‘Rebuild’. And holy fuck what an UPGRADE this is!

When we asked the band for some background info, they were kind enough to send in a whole bunch of paragraphs (wish more bands would do that). Check out the full write up below and get ready to throw down right there in your own living room.

“According to lore, Cebu City southside hardcore unit Mea Culpa took its name from a fellow colleague who was into the study of Divinity (a once dropout seminarian) with some slight background and knowledge of the dead language Latin. A very appropriate tag for a bunch of once young college thugs and punks who were morally bankrupt, urban vandals blamed for everything from vices, substance abuse, to the proliferation of online video game addiction. Most of the members go to the same AMA college (where one of the product/prankster of this said institution was the creator/programmer of the infamous “I Love You Virus” who did real global damage in the world wide web, heck probably even some of these guys were the real main inspiration or progenitor behind the malware).

Maybe it was the brash and rising local punk scene that made the collective friends formed and banded together as one, provided that most of these guys were from some other bands and punk rock groups as well. Carlo boy used to be in a local Oi punk outfit and in a band (Solution for a small planet, Funny Little Fifi), Chris and Sua were members of The Ambassadors of Goodwill, Charles also was into numerous groups such as Diffuse, and also a singer for the emo punk act Recycled Teenagers. session guitar JT was a metalhead and Janjan a badass street skatepunk.

Despite the democratic set of musical bands they were into, they share the same affinity and liking of listening to hardcore bands such as Earth Crisis, Strife, Downshift, No Innocent Victim, Warzone, Deadguy. With the common diabolical hatred and disliking of national popular ice cream (Selecta) =)

They formed and decided to play for a local big punk rock anniversary gathering for SRA (Struggle for Radical Action) which was held at a known strip bar (Nancy’s Bayanihan) at the city’s center of the Red Light District. On that show the band brought their instruments and played a power set which surprised everyone who was in attendance, to say that the event was a memorable one is an understatement since Carlo bOi almost got mobbed by violent gutterpunks due to the fact that misunderstanding between factions (old skool + new skool) was routinely common.

Janjan also plays in hardcore greats – Gardo

Presently some of the members have evolved and are doing full-time projects with respective bands such as Queen City Crew (Charles), Crimson Cartel, Kick in da face, (Carlo boy), Lipslide, Gardo (Janjan) and The Ambassadors (Sua & Chris). Trying to recreate the live and brutal energy of a show in a sterile environment of a studio is also a bond that these guys are into, some links are available online where you could easily check it out (but seeing this unit upfront and live is always a definite sure filled sweaty fun).” is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!