Bummer…Singapore hardcore band State of Pain have called it quits

Singapore hardcore band State of Pain have called it quits. Fuck…we’re taking this quite hard because the guys in the band are not only phenomenal human beings, but have created some killer music to help fly the flag for the next generation of Singapore hardcore. Not only that but they’re usually the first ones in the pit when other hardcore bands are playing.

Go blast some of their jams and send them MAD love on their social media at the links below. Don’t forget to check out the other bands that the members are in – all listed and linked below.

The band also were kind enough, of course, to send us this announcement:

“After 4 years, we have decided to put this band to rest. Despite many setbacks and different line up changes, we have always tried to persevere. We are eternally grateful for the opportunities to play out of Singapore and actually made a lot of friends through playing in this band. When this band first started, we honestly didn’t really think about lasting more than 2 years max. We hope our songs continue to live on as they really mean a lot to us as we were writing them. Thank you if you’ve ever watched us live, put us on shows or listened to our music.

RIP 2014-2018

LISTEN TO: Plague Bearer, Resist, Realm, Tides”




Plague Bearer: https://plague6bearer.bandcamp.com/releases

Resist: https://resisthc.bandcamp.com/album/demo-2018

Realm: https://realm1100.bandcamp.com/releases

Tides: https://wearetides.bandcamp.com/

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