Bummer…One of Hong Kong’s Very Few Punk Bands – Sugar Bro – Call It Quits

Hong Kong’s “punk rock and hardcore” scene might as well be considered basically nonexistent. There are OF COURSE the diehards that regardless of what the situation is in the city/community they live in, will continue to play and listen to the music that they love. Yes, there are still a very small handful of punk and hardcore bands here, but for the size of this city and how many people reside here, the tiny number (literally in the single digits) is quite fascinating.

Today – suddenly – a band that has been KILLING it, Sugar Bro, has announced that they’re breaking up. The band released a statement on their socials talking about how all good things come to an end.

We wish the boys the best of luck but REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that the 4 of them go on to CONTINUE to play in punk-related bands in the future. What tends to happen in Hong Kong is that anyone that plays in “heavier” stuff earlier in their lives moves on to play in more pop-related music. That’s always a bummer to see happen…

Best of luck!


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