Buddhist Post-Black / Folk band Bliss-Illusion Release Acoustic Track for Free [China]

Chinese Buddhist/Folk Post-Black Metal band Bliss-Illusion (虚极) have just released an acoustic version of their track “Prajnā” (般若). It can be found below for free download and can be viewed through a video.

Here is the band’s commentary: “A feather, a part of the phoenix reaches us with this acoustic version of “般若” (Prajnā). It is described in Buddhist commentaries as the understanding of the true nature of phenomena.”

The original track is available on the debut album Shinrabansho (森罗万象) released in 2019 in the West by Anesthetize Production and recently available as a collector’s edition via La luna en un hilo & The Moon on a String (Mortiis, Enslaved, Clouds etc. ..).

The artwork is signed Alcide Nathanaël (Tassi).


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