Blackgaze Act Tassi Releases Triple LP Version of Debut Album [China]

Tassi, is a Post-Black / Blackgaze bard in the universe of heaven and man. Through this character created by Dryad (Bliss- Illusion), we are told about his esoteric and mystical journey to find his lover, Uni.

He travels through time and crazy, romantic, divine, and broken spaces. Uni has surpassed the sky and the man at its heart. She is the embodiment of his unwavering faith.

Dryad Comments: “The idea behind this vinyl release was to create an object that could have come out of the dreamlike universe in which Uni and Tassi live.”

For the occasion, Abelito Herrero’s layout has been reworked by Guibz (Sordide, Sol Draconi Septem,…). The vinyl mastering was done by Sven (Sol Draconi Septem, Möhrkvlth, Tan Kozh)

To illustrate this album Dryad wanted to call on Alcide Nathanaël, an unknown illustrator in the Metal Scene but recognized in the world of tarot and divination card illustration. This mystical and esoteric approach to art echoes the initiatory journey of troubadour Tassi, the main character of these first two chapters.

The inspiration of the two albums ‘Northland I’ and ‘Northland II’ are spiritually connected to the background of Dryad’s long prose collection “Caelum·Deva” and the song “Leave·Abhassara Deva” of Bliss-Illusion. The language of the lyrics in the album Northland I&II is personally created by Dryad.

The story’s background is based on the intriguing journey that the troubadour Tassi has experienced along his way to find his beloved one Uni. He travels through various mysterious dimensions, witnessing the whole from the beginning to the final perishing process of divinity. He, at last, comprehends the path of wisdom.

Uni has surpassed the embodiment of mankind in Tassi’s heart. She is his indestructible belief. They will meet on a farther and better journey.

Tassi‘s adventure in the mystical kingdom of Northland continues.

After the split release in China and the regrouping in France under the label of Anesthetize Productions in the form of a double album, the Franco-Chinese alliance bringing together Time Tombs ProductionSource Atone Records and Lifeless Memories Records will allow it to be released on a sublime format.


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