Black/Crust/Doom Band Gallhammer Re-Release Limited Edition Demo [Japan]

Formed in 2003, Gallhammer a Japan Black Metal/Doom/Crust band, are re-releasing their debut demo on a limited hand-numbered 100 copies cassette through Gerpfast Records. The release includes 6 tracks and a very limited official T-shirt.

“Uncompromising decomposition that mixes up doom, crust, and black metal, it reminds us of Amebix mixed with Mayhem (Deathcrush era) that crushes your soul! Gerpfast Records has chosen to unleash this beast come alive again from the depth of the abyss to ripping your ears, hail Gallhammer! [Monox – 1984/Hell Is Other Records/Hellcore]”

Gallhammer: Mika Penetrator, Vivian ‘echo’ Slaughter & Risa Reaper.

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