Big Ups To Sri Lankan Metal Fest – ODR – For Pushing Through With Their Event

In the face of adversity, Sri Lankan festival ODR are pushing through with their upcoming event. We fully support these amazing individuals for not back down in the face of criminal terrorists who pollute our world and try to sow the seeds of fear and hate.

Fuck you.

Go support the Sri Lankan metal community!

“We will NOT surrender! 3rd and FINAL announcement! All individuals and artists involved with ODR Vol.05 have made a decision to push forward with the event as planned. Out of respect for the fallen and those affected and to comply with the security precautions administered by the SLAF in Colombo, we request all our attendees to support us as usual with the few changes to the day’s schedule and security measures as mentioned below.

First, to unveil our guests, the final 2 bands for the night, flying in all the way from Benguluru and Kolkatta India respectively, Raavan Kommand is proud to present none other than AEMPYREAN and KAPALA! Our respect for these hordes for not changing course and still supporting Sri Lanka by travelling during this harsh climate the country is going through!

AEMPYREAN was born within the depths of the state of Karnataka as the brainchild of BR (ex-Witchgoat, ex-Culminant) and Ajay N (Dwesha) in early 2015, Aempyrean entered the much awaiting domain of Indian subterranean music and unleashed a long overdue assault of Blackened Death/Thrash through their debut EP “Fireborn” last year on the infamous Cyclopean Eye Prods IND. For fans of loud, savage and profane Metal and merciless assaults of bands such as Destroyer 666, Morbid Angel and Possessed!

KAPALA are a 3-force West-Bengali unit who recently proved the bestiality of their audio delivery through their debut EP “Infest Cesspool” (2017, Dunkelheit Prods GER.) and Kapala’s recent release “Termination Apex” (2019, Dunkelheit Prods GER.) has elevated the project to some of the most savage Black/Death Metal to have come out of the Indian subcontinent! For fans of Revenge, Goatpenis and Tetragrammacide…


We plan to commence the event at 1pm! We request all attendees to be present on time and support the proceedings of the event. This measure was taken considering the safety of everyone travelling in from out of Colombo and all the bands.

Security will be tighter. No large bags allowed inside. The RK committee or Ideahell will not be held liable for lost/stolen bags either, so our advice is to travel light! Parking available at the premises – we request you leave your contact details displayed for security purposes.


Tickets are priced at 1500/- per (Metal)head and are available at the entrance. Merchandise stalls by Cyclopean Eye Prods and Raavan Kommand will also be at the venue, price lists/availability will be posted in the comments section.

This is also a BYOB event, liquor is allowed to be consumed within the premises and we encourage everyone to set-up INSIDE the venue and most importantly NO LITTERING INSIDE as we request you to respect the generosity of our host Ideahell, keep the place clean and pick up your garbage after yourself.

Supporting this agenda is supporting the current emergency status our country is in and it supports our mighty troops who are taking all possible measures to keep Colombo safe again once and for all. Our gratitude to our partners once again for standing with us, Candle Of Hela Metal,, 999 Security & Solutions, Cyclopean Eye Productions and our event partner IdeaHell.”

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