Benefit show announced to return the body of slain Malaysian vocalist back to Malaysia

rumah api

A benefit show has been launched to bring the body of slain vocalist of Malaysian band Svatantrata, Azhar, back to his homeland in Malaysia from Vietnam. The flyer for the benefit show states an exorbitant amount that needs to be raised in order to bring his body back home:

“Greetings. The aim is to collect enough funds to help bring Azhar (Vocalist of Svatantrata) back to Malaysia. The total cost of bringing him back is about 40,000RM (10,225USD). If he was to remain in Vietnam the cost is 10,000RM (2,556USD) and for him to be buried in a Muslim cemetery outside of Ho Chi Minh City is 5,000RM (1,278USD). On May 4th, Man and Azhar’s mom will be heading to Vietnam to handle the deceased. Currently, we are seeking help from Adun Kuala Bandar Bharu Kulim for the cost of flying Azhar’s mom up and the cost of the burial.

We hereby seek help from friends. Whoever is willing to help with the cost.

PM or contact the brother of the deceased:

Azman 0125704032
Mohd. Norazman 0711029000072091
Mohd. Noorazman bin Abdull Wahab Bank Bsn


Wan Hazril
Maybank 156039301210
Wan Hazril Hisham


PAYPAL [email protected]

The benefit show will take place:

Rumah Api
May 21, 2016
Donation: minimum amount MYR10

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