Behemoth vs. Daimonous Open Air Festival controversy…Behemoth speaks



“Hello Balinese heavy music community,

This is with the utmost regret we must announce that we were today forced to cancel our show in Bali on Daimonos Open Air Festival!

Things were never running smooth when working with the local promoters but problems escalated when we arrived at Osaka airport to get on board and fly to Bali. Soon we realised that the reservation codes were fake… or simply non existent!

We tried to get a hold of the local promoter/booker Dede Suhita, and he promised to send us new flights… which apparently he did but we were already on our way to Tokyo as it was the best choice logistic wise.

The flights and 200 kg’s overweight were paid for by the band’s with a promise that promoter will reimburse us upon arrival in cash (!).

In Tokyo we decided to continue the trip with Malaysian airlines and attempted to get on board as soon as we could. From two flight options we picked the one at 1.30 pm Tokyo time. When we arrived to yet another terminal (note: 8 people, 200kg overweight and a night before with NO sleep!) 1.30 min before the flight we still got NO confirmation from the promoter.

When we called him, he said he can’t afford the flights and we must go back home.

FURIOUS is the most polite way to say how we all felt as we were left high and dry with no other option.

We really wanted to make it to Bali, for the first time ever as we know there’s a massive Behemoth following but due to notorious incompetence and 100% lack of professional attitude we were forced AGAIN, to cover the flights back home from the band’s budget. Needless to say this whole situation caused us MASSIVE financial loss but the worst is frustration that the energy and time we invested in this trip to the other side of the globe was ruined by few lowlifes that have absolutely no respect for artists.

As far as we are concerned the festival IS happening but people MUST be aware that Behemoth was RIPPED OFF and WILL NOT APPEAR on stage on Sunday!

Once again, to all Behemoth legions out there, please receive our deep apologises. We will do everything that is humanly possible to come back and make it up to you. As for now, we are trying our best to get reimbursed for our loss and if you were going to the festival just to see Behemoth then you have the right to approach these people for a refund

Nergal on behalf of Behemoth”

Thoughts on this craziness?

As I mentioned before, there are very professional Indonesian promoters. But there are also a bunch who are giving the country a horrible name. The list of bands that have been ripped off or have had to deal with incompetent promoters who zero experience dealing with touring bands is enormous. Most of these bands don’t air or shame incompetent promoters publicly like Behemoth just did, but maybe it’s time that more bands do this? Most bands that deal with crap in Indonesian usually just forget about it once they leave. is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!