Beauty of the internet…hardcore band Killratio celebrate record release in Manila – fullset up now

Beauty of the internet…hardcore band Killratio celebrated the release of their 7″ 2 nights ago in Quezon City and we wake up this morning and get to experience it on our computer screens.

We quickly messaged videographer Bob Villamor about his view from behind the lense last night as he captured the night for those of us who are SUPER into supporting our Asian hardcore scene.

“That night was intense, turnout was huge despite the shitty rainy weather. There was enough hype building up knowing the bands that were lined up that night from Veils, The Beauty Of Doubt then Killratio themselves. They all have a keep-to-themselves kind of personalities. They just want to play and release a record and everything else just comes as a bonus. That’s why they are so respected here in the Philippines.

I can also recall the moment when they put up the HUGE No Gods, No Masters banner. It was a party when The Beauty Of Doubt was playing (the band who played before them) but when that banner went up, there was a total mood shift, that was the immediate moment everyone knew it was Killratio’s show, nay, it was Killratio’s NIGHT and in the words of Jep Peligro’s IG post, Killratio proceeded in tearing Quezon City a new asshole.”

You all really need to subscribe to Bob’s youtube channel because it is a TREASURE chest of videos documenting Philippines’ underground scene:

After you check out the live video below – make sure to grab your d-beat-crust-influenced hardcore Killratio’s record off the bandcamp link further below.

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