This is Awesome. Emotional Hardcore/Punk Trio Carethiefschool Release Debut Album [Japan]

Man…was not expecting this…pressed play on what was sent to us under the words “punk rock” but when you hit play it’s more of a mix of screamo, post-hardcore, post-punk, emotional hardcore – everything that reminds you of not only the dismal nature of this genre of music/culture but also its unpredictability. You literally don’t know where the band is going next.

In other words, this is amazing.

Carthiefschool is a Japanese band out of Sapporo formed in 2016 the band has just released their debut album. According to the write-up, “the band’s sound mixes a propulsive muscular rhythm section that recalls the explosive dynamics of fellow countrymen 54-71 with sinewy, razor-sharp guitar lines – topped off by Tomoya Murosaki’s acerbic, primal vocals.”

Their self-titled debut album races through 12 tracks of jagged post-punk intensity at full tilt from the opening one-two blast of “mikan” and “bloodthirsty” to the lurching groove of “tokakutaihou”. The album will be released domestically in Japan on CD on Feb 24th while the international vinyl release will be June 16th.

Check out a few tracks from the full length below.

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