ASMR Doctor Gets In On The Singaporean Metal Action To See What All The Fuss Is About

Pertaining to recent events such as Swedish Black Metal outfit WATAIN being banned from playing in Singapore just hours before they were supposed to based on a petition, there were numerous judgements being passed around regarding the “METAL” genre as a whole. There was an array of conclusions as to what people who listen to heavy music do, how they are etc. These judgements have been here for decades but ever since Watain’s cancellation, they all resurfaced and undoubtedly multiplied as well. With the second petition against local metal shows floating around, this video, documented by RICE MEDIA, couldn’t be released at a better time.

The motive is not to rebel against the passed judgements but to help people understand our culture, gain some knowledge on the various aspects of the metal community and also what actually happens in a Metal show.

In order to make that happen, an ASMR Artist, Glory Yang aka ASMR Doctor, was invited to take up a new challenge – something she never thought would be an option – experiencing a Heavy Metal show. We’re not speaking about just attending one, but being a part of one. She joins local Heavy Metal outfit MUCUS MORTUARY on the road to headlining an underground Metal show – The Mucus Show. Everyone involved got to be their authentic selves and represent the community and show the truth behind what is normally compartmentalised as a scary, noisy and dangerous scene. The heavy music scene is just a close knit of friends and people drawn together by their love for something, building relationships and bonds around it.

So before you judge, ask. Try to understand, you might just end up taking the crowd surf of your life like Glory Yang did. We all respect cultures, but we need to start respecting subcultures too.

You can check out the video at this link:

There is also a cool follow up interview that you can read here:

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