Indian Thrash Metal Band Amorphia Release 30 Minute Japan Tour Recap Vid

This is badass to see a band holed up in their hotel rooms not causing havoc in rockstar-fashion, but instead putting their CD’s together DIY-style. RESPECT to Amorphia for caring about their band so much that they’ll do whatever it takes to make shit happen for themselves.

Check out Indian thrash metal band Amorphia in this great 30-minute recap video of their recent Japan tour.

The band rules. Enough said.

“Lots of good memories and new experiences captured from Amorphia Return of Forces tour. It was kick ass this time, especially the True Thrash Fest.

TTF is one of the best thrash metal festivals in the world! A special take a bow to Mikitoshi Matsuo who pulled off the fest to the next level. He is the man!!!

Special mention to Jero (Abigail) for taking care of us in Tokyo and all the good times we had on and offstage.

Honored to share the stage alongside Evil invaders, Stalker, Sigh, Baphomet, Abigail, Martyr, Thrashfire, Riverge, Bonehunter, United, Shellshock, Fastkill, END-ALL, Terror squad, Hater, Worship pain, Self deconstruction and of course you great guys from Mason who joined us for shows in Tokyo and Osaka!

Thanks to Brian , Azumi , Thoshibu Kaneko ,Megrou ,jussi,joni vähä,samu-severi kinnunen, Satoshi ( END-ALL ) , Stefan , Steffi , Thomas Dargel ( Iron sheild records ) and the Riverge guys.”

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