Art Rock Band Daira Release Music Video [India]

Daira, the Mumbai-based art-rock band released Habus Rah – a song that showcases the reality of the world around us.

‘Habus Rah’ is literally the reverse of Har Subah, with some additional rhythms over it. Har Subah is an existing track by Daira from their debut self-titled album.

The video takes us through a four-minute-long journey, which is the mirror image of the power-stricken, corrupt world we live in. The world of authoritarianism and hyper-nationalism where the value of a human life is nothing more than just a number. It shows how the human race is headed backwards, just like the song, each day, every day.

It reveals how hatred runs so deep in our history that it can rear its head anywhere. The visuals are gut-wrenching and too real to accept. However, by the end of the song, all the calamities feel familiar- so familiar that their details begin to echo each other.

The song starts with a message by Mahatma Gandhi, and ends up giving another- Discrimination, in all its form, kills. It is the path to destruction. It kills people. It destroys communities. It kills dreams. It kills hopes.

The music video was deleted by YouTube, twice, citing violation of community guidelines. What makes this ironic is the fact that the music video is in fact a compilation of existing footage uploaded on YouTube.

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