Another skate video from Vietnam – introducing Vietnamese skater Linh Do – tech!

Yesterday we posted a clip of a brand new skate video out of Vietnam and today we have a new clip up. Check this shit out and if you’re a skateboarder make the effort to get out there! The video features these guest skaters: Bao Nguyen, Timothy Mcmeel, Kevin Vu, Youness Amrani. We spoke to the man behind the video Linh Do and he sent in these words (he’s actually the one skating in this video – the dude KILLS it!):

“This is just a skate video consisting of skate tricks that I’ve been working on for the past 4 years. I filmed a lot of stuff every year and when I view them back I wasn’t feeling it so I kept filming new parts. I didn’t have a filmer with me either which is another reason it took so long to put this together. We do finally have a filmer here now so hopefully later this year I’ll be able to release a better video.

No one is really making these skate videos here  in Vietnam so it’s pretty hard for the scene to grow. I hope that after this video comes out that more people in Vietnam will be interested in skateboarding. This is my part in the video, there is a 7mins of my homies. This is also the 2nd big skatevideo of skateboarding in Vietnam, the first one was 2006 (I made that one too haha).”

Hit up this killer Vietnamese skateshop for more info:

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