KxSxC Fanzine volume 1 free download up now!

KxSxC Fanzine

Once the lifeblood of any punk/hardcore scene the world over, the “fanzine” seems like such an outdated form of media to many. But to many of us who grew up reading fanzines glued to the text printed cover to cover, we delved deeper into the IDEA of punk rock and hardcore wrapping our heads around something that goes much deeper then just the music. To us, fanzines continue to be something that we hold dear to our hearts. Sure, a fanzine is not as immediate as the almighty internet and so news/reviews/interviews that are found in fanzines may be dated, but the nostalgic feeling of being able to read through something like a fanzine, or a book, on a long journey somewhere can never be replaced by the cold feeling of scrolling on your phone. It’s just not the same people.

So we at UniteAsia.org will always encourage, love and support those people out there who are keeping this form of communication alive.

A few days ago our buddy Karl, a Filipino hardcore kid who is living out in Turkey now, hit us up with information about his fanzine called KxSxC. As soon as he told me about it I pleaded to get him to release a PDF version of the fanzine so we can put it up on the site, people can then download it and print it out (or if you’re really stubborn – just read it on your phone! hahaha). The fanzine is beautifully designed and laid out and so Karl hit up his designer, Carlo, and a few days later the master designer sent us the PDF. (Carlo himself is insane designer so check out his full site here: https://www.facebook.com/KillCarloBoyDesigns/ )

kxsxc kxsxc

Here you go people! Enjoy the first issue of a fanzine called KxSxC by a Filipino hardcore kid living out in Istanbul trying to keep the punk/hardcore spirit alive!

Download link: 


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