Singaporean band Anna Judge April say goodbye to vocalist begin hunt for new one

anna judge april

Our buddies at the Dwellers have released a live video set of Singaporean alt rock band Anna Judge April‘s final show with their vocalist this past December. Check out the well shot, edited video down below that even comes with great audio. Check it out!

If you like what you hear then get in touch with them because they’re looking for a new vocalist!

Here’s their vocalist’s last message to the masses for the last time.

“While last night is still fresh in everybody’s minds, let me take some time to say a few words I didn’t get to at the show. Things slip your mind when you’re feeling overwhelmed I guess. This will be a long one.

To AJA, I used to tell you guys if I wasn’t in a band with you, I’d rather not be in a band at all. I’m grateful for your big hearts and thank you endlessly for working hard to put together our very own show, to honour the end of my journey in the band. I will miss everything about y’all and Us. The friendship, brotherhood, incessant inside jokes, the fights, conversations that will always involve nonsensically hilarious made-up scenes, on stage banter, jamming, songwriting, scoring seats at the Musician’s Table in Nando’s after lying that it was Ash’s Birthday hahahaha and every single thing. Y’all know how much I love y’all. I’m waiting for ya’lls wedding invites, tired of being a naggy mom. I’ll pop in every now and then to make sure ya’ll don’t forget me ah I tell you. Family Forever. ???

To Family, Friends & Supporters, we are nothing without ya’ll. For many of you, we’ve seen each other grow in age, height, belly size and wisdom. It means so much to have y’all see me off last night and I thank you for the support and best wishes all these years. I do hope y’all give my boys and the next vocalist of AJA the same amount of support as you’ve given me, as they continue with their journey. I will miss your faces and sing-alongs, especially from the stage. Big Love!

To Photographers/Videographers, Sound Techs we’ve worked with, thank you for helping us look and sound amazing. I appreciate all the photos and videos you’ve taken of me, since I was 17. They are great mementos and precious memories I can hold on to and ones I can show my kids in the Future. The Sound Techs have ensured that I don’t croak myself silly. You all are Stars behind the scenes.

To Bear Culture, Tacit Aria, Koji SG & A Vacant Affair, we appreciate your time and effort in making our show a success. Thank you. I wish much success and happiness in your Music and lives!

For everybody else, thank you for believing in me and AJA.

I think a decade of memories will last me a lifetime. I’m holding on to them till my end.

Till then, I’ll see you guys around. For the final time, thank you, be kind and farewell.

Velouria Jean Fury
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