CHECK OUT: New Beijing oi-punk band Shut release debut demo


Fuck yes…to be the first website to debut awesome oi-punk from Beijing is such a HUGE honor for us! For this band, Shut, to be a band that features such notable members of legendary Chinese punk rock bands as Misandao, Gum Bleed, Life for Drinking and Beijing hardcore band Unregenerate Blood, makes it even more exciting that we get to introduce this band to the whole fucking world!

Get those doc martens on tight, shave that head of yours, get out your best plaid button ups with suspenders and start pogoing your ass off with beer in hand (or water for my fellow straight edgers :-)! Hit play on this track below and SPREAD the word! Beijing Oi Punk in 2016 is strong as hell with SHUT!

Further below the band even sent in a cool recap video of a few of their practice sessions where you can hear some of their other tracks. The band is gearing to make their LIVE debut some time this year.

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