Our boys Typecast release awesome new music video!


Perfect example of an Asian band that should be on worldwide stages playing along side names like Taking Back Sunday, Paramore, etc…this band has been in the game for 17 years now and are from the Philippines. They’re called Typecast and YOU should know this name by now. I hope and pray every night that bands this good can one day get the worldwide recognition that their music screams for…not only that, but if any of you have EVER met these guys – they’re hands down one of the coolest bunch of dudes you’ll ever have met. I have no idea how many times I’ve shared this story but I will do it over and over again…the first time I ever met them was when my band King Ly Chee toured with NOFX in 2007 which was our first time in Manila. I remember arriving in the hotel room, turned on the TV and guess who’s music video was blasting on TV? Typecast…I was like DAMN – Philippines knows their shit if THIS is on TV??!?!? I come from Hong Kong where only the most horrible of Canto-pop makes it on to TV – so I wasn’t accustomed to seeing rock on TV let alone LOCAL rock. Anyway…later that night at the NOFX show guess who came by to introduce themselves while I was selling our merch? That’s right…these guys…almost 10 years later we’re still as close as ever.

These guys deserve the best. Go support them! Get them on stages all over the world!

Oops…I didn’t even say a single thing about this video. It rules. Comes from a DOPE EP they released awhile back called Word Sits Heavy which you can grab here: https://itunes.apple.com/ph/album/word-sits-heavy-ep/id894908979 The first song on the EP, Gasoline, has SUCH a good riff!!!!


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