Solidarity with Malaysian socio-political artists/cartoonists

Soidarity with our artists and rebellious brothers and sisters who are speaking the truth through art and other modes of creativity when those in government and people in power push us to the limit and we have no voice left for fear of reprisals, imprisonment, fines, or even death in some case.

One of the best ones I’ve seen is the one created by Fahmi Reza who drew up that POWERFUL piece of the Malaysian prime minister moron named Najib who has the balls to think that the Malaysian people are completely stupid and will accept any bullshit he throws out there.

There is a saying out there in the world that says something along the lines:

We used to laugh at our comedians, and listen to our politicians.
We now laugh at our politicians, and listen to our comedians.

Our politicians have lost their fucking minds.

Because we don’t know if the Malaysian authorities will band this image, we want to make sure that the image gets out there around the world outside of Malaysia so you all know what’s going on and give voice to the voiceless.

najib najib

This morning I found this other piece by Tony Seditious and the argument continues!

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