65 Spectrums Do Us a Huge Favor By Releasing 3 Live Videos Of Emo Band Milo Dinosaur

Singapore production house 65 Spectrums have given us all a massive gift by throwing Malaysian emo act Milo Dinosaur into their studio to record and film three live tracks. And we are so grateful for their generosity.

Azim from the band was kind enough to send us information about how this collaboration came to be:

“In November last year, Singapore’s 65 Spectrums, an independent collective of music documenters and archivists, got in touch with us weeks ahead of the band’s two-night stint at the city-state’s Rocking The Region Festival 2018. The festival itself coincided with the release of our album:

Despite the band’s tight schedule with the festival, we managed to squeeze in time to record the three tracks ‘Tiada’ (Without), ‘Kasih’ (love), and ‘Usah Resah ‘Don’t Despair’ in just under 2 hours!

Facilitating the studio session at LiveAmp Studios was a guy who goes by the name Cliff, whose three member-crew took just about 15 minutes to set up the recording equipments.

I believe they used two or three Zoom H8 recorders and the same number of DSLR cameras.

The online music platform put us under their Washed Ashore series, which mainly covers non-Singaporean bands.

Being a ‘new’ band from Malaysia, we asked Cliff how he and the team came to know about Milo Dinosaur and guess what? It was via postings by Unite Asia! We were completely blown away by this!

The recording session was kept in the backburner for a while until mid-March this year when they began to roll out the three songs on seperate days.

Our takeaway from this Singapore ‘excursion’ is that it just goes to show how borderless the independent or underground music scene is in Southeast Asia and the Asian region at large.

Overall, we felt extremely honoured to be featured on this project as not many other Malaysian bands get to work with 65 Spectrums!

The videos will remain a testament to why we look forward to going back to play Singapore again soon!”

WOW!!! We had something to with these two getting together?!?!?!? HOLY MOLY!!!!

Go enjoy the videos below…also, Azim just wrote this brilliant article the current crop of Malaysian pop punk acts: http://the-wknd.com/v3/features/the-bands-behind-malaysias-pop-punk-uprising/


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