Filipino indie-rock band Neverdie being revived – check ’em out!


I have a homie that seriously plays in some of the best indie-rock bands in the Philippines – this dude, Tani, already does duties in Small Hands AND Lindenwood (music playing further below)…both stellar, world-class indie-rock bands that have released outstanding music of late, but he’s also now trying to revive one of his older bands called Neverdie. Check out the music below…

Here’s some background straight from my buddy himself:

“Neverdie is an emo / pop punk band from Paranaque City, Philippines formed during the summer of 2009. The release was digitally released in September of 2013. The record tackles the complicated nature of trying to beat depression and anxiety…”

So just to show you how talented this dude and all the band members he manages to find to rock out with him…here’s a taste of the other two active bands that he’s got going:

Small Hands


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