3 Piece Hardcore Nightjar Berate Politicians on Debut Single [Malaysia]

Formed in 2020, Nightjar are a three-piece hardcore band hailing from Kuala Lumpur, and who are among five former members of the defunct Kuantan-based thrashcore outfit, Suicide Me Not! (2003-2007). Since the disbandment of SMN!, its members have moved on to other projects such as The Goodfellas, Milo Dinosaur, and Hyper Act, which are of other musical genres. Nightjar — named after a nocturnal avian species well known for its “diabolical” vocalizations — released its debut Bahasa single ‘Kau Bukan Bossku’ (‘You’re not my boss’).

The politically-charged debut single, which touches on Malaysia’s corruption scourge and poverty, arrives days before Malaysia is slated to hold its contentious 15th general elections.

So far, the band has recorded several other tracks that will be released in the coming months, and as it looks to recruit new members. The future releases are tipped to carry their own distinctive sounds and character, as the band is exploring different and dark permutations of hardcore, punk, and metal.

Produced by Nightjar member Jimmy, the recordings were done over the span of several months since March 2022, with drums recorded by Hafiz Ahmad at Greenhouse Studio, while the rest was mostly completed at the Cry Baby Studio by sound engineer Afnan48v.

Although original SMN! vocalist Ci Chaan decided to sit out the “reincarnation” of the group, the self-professed “prince of punk” contributed to the band’s visuals, including cover art and logo, and remains a close collaborator of Nightjar.

Pending the upcoming releases, Nightjar wishes to compel friends and prospective listeners to enjoy ‘Kau Bukan Bossku’ in all of its angst-ridden glory, while keeping it in their back pockets when they hit the ballot boxes.

And as the song’s kicker goes, “This is Rock n’ Roll!”.


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