China based rock band Bastards of Imperialism release first track off upcoming album

bastards of imperialism

China based rock band Bastards of Imperialism release first track off upcoming album. Vocalist Daryl is known for quite the diatribe on his facebook and ALWAYS very entertaining to read – he has the gift of words my friends. Here’s his hilarious introduction to this track:

“On Friday I received the mastered tracks for “Homeland Insecurity.” Now to wrap up the artwork and it will be, “in the can.”

9 tracks (plus a 10th bonus track exclusive to the Chinese CD release) from the one and only BASTARDS OF IMPERIALISM.

The album does NOT feature the following:

  • Any songs where, “A. C. A. B.” is uttered. Not even once. When we critique cops we get specific. That’s next album. Even then, it won’t be in empty slogans for the mob to shout out, nullifying meaning.
  • Absolutely no songs featuring “oi.”
  • At no point on this album is “anarchy” mentioned. We are socialists and realists and not big on myth making.
  • There are no trite, absolutely disingenuous fairy stories about “punk unity” (ironically) from punks that confuse having a clique with “unity.”
  • Anything remotely “street punk.”
  • Songs about how being a hooligan is a good thing. It ain’t.
  • Anything resembling a a RANCID/CASUALTIES/Whatever Band Chinese fashion punks obsess over at the moment.
  • Cute photos of us in cookie-cutter punk rock uniforms.
  • Meaningless and ultimately shallow posturing behind trite, tired cliches that fail to provide details on why we are disenfranchised.
  • While being far, far, far from politically correct: we are NOT down with abusing women or queer bashing.

The album DOES feature:

  • 10 rockin’ numbers from a culturally diverse band comprised of several veterans from the Chines punk world (featuring ex members of DISCORD, FINAL IMPACT and DFJ); BASTARDS OF IMPERIALISM were singled out in the October 2014 edition of Time Out Beijing as one of “Five Bands To Look Out For.”
  • Meaningful and profound, well-researched and elaborately detailed lyrics.
  • Valid social and Geo-political commentary with a good dose of humor.
  • Songs that will make you think, and some references to persons and events you might need to look up because you’ve lived a sheltered life. Strap on the earphones and learn something.
  • Mighty fine guitar work.
  • A majority of songs with content likely never to be played on commercial radio in any nation.

This little taste will have to tide you over until October, when “Homeland Insecurity” streets at the DR. SMARTASS 2nd Anniversary Bash/Label Launch Party @ School???? Bar on Friday, October 21st”

After reading all that – if you made it through – you can check out a very Motorhead inspired track down below. Lyrics are insanely well written. is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!