Whoever Says Hardcore is Dead – Is A Moron – Check Out Nepali Hardcore Act Covering Turnstile

Whoever says hardcore is dead is most definitely some sort of warped, jaded boomer that has no clue or is supremely jealous about how hardcore has taken off even when they left it decades ago. Hahahahahaha…(yo, don’t take any of this too seriously – go enjoy your day!).

These are the thoughts that came straight to mind the moment we pressed play on this awesome video of Nepali hardcore band Nainsook covering Turnstile in a small tiny room somewhere in Nepal. Not only are they covering this, but the fact that kids in this little room are losing their minds to hardcore just also proves to you how vital this music still is in 2021. And the fact that the audience seems young means that hardcore will continue for generations yet to come because for SURE there are going to be kids in the audience who’re going to start their own bands, writing their own music, release it, play shows, and continue to inspire for generations to come.

Thank you Nainsook.
Thank you Jamsthan LoudXProud YouTube channel for documenting this. GO SUBSCRIBE HERE.


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