Vocalist of SMZB Releases Solo Track ‘Lovers Prattle for Donghu’ [China]

WOW!!!! This is going to make your day…

Wu Wei is the vocalist of the legendary Chinese punk rock band SMZB. One of the truest punk rock bands in China – the band to this day continues to challenge authority and questions policies and ideas that regime tries to push onto the populace. Today he just released his first-ever SOLO track and it is NOT what you would think. First of all, Wu Wei teamed up with electronic artist 蔣亮 for the beat and he sings above it in a much more stripped-down, reserved manner. Though the music may surprise you, as soon as the vocals come in – in his signature sound – it still sounds punk as fuck. The mix of female and male vocals on the song just makes the whole thing sound even more haunting.

Wu Wei is the best. We want to hear a FULL album of songs like this from him!

If you go to the Maybe Mars Bandcamp page – you can see a video for the song as well. Click HERE. It’s a brilliant video!

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