Valley of Chrome release bundle set through Tower of Doom

It’s always great to hear pretty that well established Asian bands are also big supporters of this website. We got a message today from the boys behind Valley of Chrome from the Philippines and we’re stoked! (As a hardcore kid, I appreciate it when band members themselves are getting in touch instead of sending managers, publicists to us. 🙂

They sent in information about an amazing bundle package that is available on the Tower of Doom website that includes their debut album PLUS a free copy of their latest EP Dark Horse. While you’re at the Tower of Doom website make sure to check out the “about us” to find out more about the amazing Tower of Doom crew and what they’re all about – super awesome and we wish Tower of Doom the best of luck as they continue to help more Filipino bands! (If Tower of Doom’s down – we’ll definitely do a feature story on them!)

Check the goods in the image below and order it directly from this link:

More info on Valley of Chrome hit them up here:

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